Part of the international ACT 4 JUSTICE ORGANIZATION & ACT 4 FREEDOM FOUNDATION - Founders of an international collective National Unions for Government Affairs, active in Europe, USA, Canada & Australia. Also official sponsor of the EU TRIBUNAL -

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By forming an international collective, we will restore our democracy, representing the interests of Western norms and values ​​and put an end to the corrupt undemocratic mismanagement ...

N.U.G. CANADA brings the protest to your home so you can easily participate in all collective: lawsuits, complaints, petitions, claims, legislative proposals, independent investigations, nationwide demonstrations and strikes against Government policy on local, national and international level. Our governments need an independent international watchdog, which represents and defends the interests of citizens.

Authority & Laws are determined by society and not the other way, it is our democratic right and duty to fight undemocratic, corrupt mismanagement. Together we're democracy!


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